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Antigua and Barbuda is offering for the 1st time the ability to attain a National passport by way of investment. This allows for the passport holder to travel freely to most industrialized nations without the need of a Visa and onerous travel documents.Travel restrictions cease to exist and favorable treatment is bestowed. Antigua Barbuda allows for dual and multi citizenship without any tax consequences what so ever. Travel the world freely, gain the safety of citizenship in a independent tax free nation and know that you have taken the initiative to ensure a proper diversified lifestyle. Protect yourself, your family and your finances. Antigua and Barbuda perfection for today, protection for tomorrow.

“What you need to know”

There are essentially two ways to be granted citizenship under Antigua’s new CIP program.
  • One option is through a government donation in the amount of $250,000 USF ( please see separate tab for a current discounted version.
  • The second option is through a real estate purchase in the amount of $400,000 USF in an approved area. Properties may be individual units ( condo/townhomes etc.) or through a fractional ownership of a luxury villa or similar.
  • With both options a processing and due diligence fee in the amount of $57500 applies to adults and $28,750 applies to children. ( again please see separate tab for the discounted option 1 currently available).
  • Children are 17 years of age or less.
  • Children between the ages of 18-25 at university or similar are granted status as a child.
  • Dependants may be a step child ie. Spouses child from previous marriage.
  • Grandparents above 65 yrs qualify but pay as an adult.
  • Successful applicants must spend a minimum of 35 days ( 5 weeks) over the first five years in Antigua Barbuda to retain their citizenship. No requirement is necessary after 5 years.
  • A person must retain their property for the first five years or if they choose to sell it they may purchase another qualifying property in its place. This allows for the investor to capture profits in real estate values if they choose.
  • The head of the family must provide a sworn statement on behalf of spouse and dependants.
  • Other options within the CIP to attain immigration do exist however they are expensive and timely. Please feel free to email us at or info@ to request more info if desired.

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